Technical papers

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Network Codes B3.2.7.02 Air Brake Maintenance Manual 1 B32702_Air_Brake_Maintenance_Manual.pdf148.58 KB
Network Codes B3.2.1.01 Air Brake Systems Testing 1.1 B32101_Air_Brake_Systems_Testing.pdf257.64 KB
Network Codes B3.2.5.01 Air End Test Orifice Nut Air Compressors 1 B32501_Y21170_Air_Test_Orifice_Nut.pdf89.19 KB
Network Codes Alcohol and Drug Policy and Guidelines 1 FRONZ - Alcohol and Drug Policy.pdf218.1 KB
Network Codes B3.4.2.09 Axle Boxes for Locomotives and Rolling Stock 1 B34209_Axle_Boxes.pdf68.83 KB
NZR Codes 38 Axlebox bearings 1 code_38_1.pdf90.03 KB
NZR Codes 37 Axleboxes for locomotives and rolling stock: Hot axleboxes 4, 5 Version 4 issued 11/2/1960123.64 KB, Version 5 Issued 1/12/197093.05 KB
Network Codes B3.4.2.01 Axles 1 B34201_Axles.pdf90.12 KB
NZR Codes 03 Axles 3 code_03_3.pdf110.98 KB
NZR Codes 74 Boiler cleaning 3 code_74_3.pdf79.02 KB
NZR Codes 73 Boiler operation and maintenance 3 code_73_3.pdf91.63 KB
Network Codes B3.3.3.01 Boiler Service Schedule 2 B33301_Boiler_Service_Schedule.pdf14.52 KB
NZR Codes 75 Boiler testing 3 code_75_3.pdf71.5 KB
NZR Codes 43 Boiler tubes and flues 4 code_43_4.pdf66.62 KB
Network Codes B3.2.3.01 Brake Service Schedule 1 B32301_Brake_Service_Schedule.pdf33.98 KB
NZR Codes 68 Brake-gear on locomotives and rolling-stock Version 2 Issued 28/10/1936122.02 KB, Version 3 Issued 1/2/197384.17 KB
Network Codes B3.1.2.04 Branding and Storing Manufacturing Steels 1 B31204_Branding_Storing_Manufacturing_Steel.pdf29.34 KB
NZR Codes 72 Branding and storing manufacturing steels 2 code_72_2.pdf67.31 KB
Network Codes B3.1.6.21 Car & Wagon Annual Inspection Form 2.1 B31621_Car_&_Wagon_Inspection_Form_Annual.pdf83.3 KB
Network Codes B3.1.6.22 Car & Wagon Interim Inspection Form 2 B31622_Car_Wagon_Inspection_Form_Interim.pdf41.97 KB
Network Codes B3.1.2.02 Car Gangways 1 B31202_Car_Gangways.pdf31.04 KB
NZR Codes 58 Car gangways 4 code_58_4.pdf78.96 KB
Network Codes B3.1.2.05 Carbon Steel Castings 1 B31205_Carbon_Steel_Castings.pdf27.84 KB
NZR Codes 91 Carbon steel castings 2 code_91_2.pdf64.55 KB
Network Codes B3.4.4.02 Care and Packing of Axleboxes 1 B34402_Care_Packing_of_Axleboxes.pdf187.54 KB
Network Codes B3.2.4.01 Certification of Single Car Brake Testers 1 B32401_Certification_of_Brake_Testers.pdf148.58 KB
NZR Codes 86 Checking of speedometers 3 code_86_3.pdf81.79 KB
NZR Codes 39 Classification of locomotive repairs effected in workshops 2 code_39_2.pdf74.36 KB
NZR Codes 98 Classification of railcar repairs effected in workshops 1 code_98_1.pdf67.93 KB
Network Codes B3.1.4.01 Corrosion, Crack and Structural Inspection of Vehicle Components 2 B31401_Corrosion_Crack_Structural_Inspection.pdf192.92 KB
Network Codes B3.4.2.03 Crank Pins 1 B34203_Crank_Pins.pdf26.96 KB
NZR Codes 10 Crank-pins 3 code_10_3.pdf65.64 KB
Network Codes B3.1.6.11 Diesel Loco & Railcar Inspection Form - Annual 2.1 B31611_Diesel_Loco_Railcar_Inspection_Form_Annual.pdf63.59 KB
Network Codes B3.1.6.12 Diesel Loco & Railcar Inspection Form - Interim 2 B31612_Diesel_Loco_Railcar_Inspection_Form_Interim.pdf44.36 KB
NZR Codes 45 Draw gear on locomotives and rolling stock: broken drawgear Version 3 Issued 7/3/1960107.84 KB, Version 5 Issued 1/12/1981105 KB
NZR Codes 67 Drop-pit rams, cylinders, and pumps 3 code_67_3.pdf73.49 KB
Network Codes B3.5.2.01 Electric Headlights, Generators, and Equipment on Steam Locomotives 1 B35201_Electric_Headlights_Generators_Equipment.pdf29.23 KB
NZR Codes 23 Electric headlights, generators, and equipment on steam locomotives 3 code_23_3.pdf70.18 KB
NZR Codes 85 Electrical instrumentation and speedometer repairs 2 code_85_2.pdf64.98 KB
Network Codes B3.1.1.02 Engineering Change Process 1.0 B31102_Engineering_Change_Process.pdf28.6 KB
NZR Codes 30 Equipment carried in guards vans 4 code_30_4.pdf80.33 KB
NZR Codes 82 Float on bogie rolling stock 4 code_82_4.pdf97.89 KB
Network Codes B3.3.2.02 Fusible Plugs & Bushes 1 B33202_Fusible_Plugs.pdf27.29 KB
NZR Codes 18 Fusible plugs and bushes 4 code_18_4.pdf64.71 KB
Network Codes B3.4.2.07 Guide Bars 1 B34207_Guide_Bars.pdf53.1 KB
NZR Codes 56 Guide bars 3 code_56_3.pdf95.34 KB
Network Codes Guidelines for the Movement of Unrestored or Defective Vehicles. 1 Movement-Unrestored-Defective-Vehicles.pdf67.09 KB
Network Codes B3.1.2.06 High Tensile Steel Castings For Transition Heads to Drawing No.28148 1 B31206_High_Tensile_Steel_Castings.pdf32 KB
HTC - Fall Risk Mitigation Examples 1 HTC - Fall Risk Mitigation Examples2.12 MB
Network Codes B3.3.2.03 Hydrostatic and Mechanical Lubricators 1 B33203_Hydrostatic_Mechanical_Lubricators.pdf35.73 KB
Network Codes B3.3.2.01 Injectors 1 B33201_Injectors.pdf28.3 KB
NZR Codes 08 Injectors 3 code_08_3.pdf73.92 KB
Network Codes B3.4.4.01 Inspection and Gauging of Wheelsets 1 B34401_ Wheelset_Inspection.pdf148.58 KB
NZR Codes 42 Inspection of steam boilers 3 code_42_3.pdf64.75 KB
NZR Codes 64 Instructions for electric arc welders 6 code_64_6.pdf74.57 KB
Network Codes B3.4.2.05 Laminated, Elliptical and Coil Springs 1 B34205_Laminated_Elliptical_Coil_Springs.pdf34.71 KB
NZR Codes 32 Laminated, elliptical and coil springs 2 code_32_2.pdf86.95 KB
NZR Codes 48 Locomotive, rolling stock and auxiliary equipment sections Version 2 Issued 20 November 1935101.85 KB, Version 3 Issued 1/7/198396.94 KB
Network Codes B3.1.3.01 Maintenance and Overhaul Schedule Guidelines 1 B31301_Maintenance_Schedule_Guidelines.pdf203.35 KB
NZR Codes 52 Manufacture of bolts and nuts Version 3 Issued 26/1/1951157.24 KB, Version 4 Issued 1/2/198367.85 KB
NZR Codes 53 Manufacture of rivits 3 code_53_3.pdf97.07 KB
Network Codes B3.1.1.01 Mechanical Code of Practice 2 B31101_Mechanical_Code.pdf158.61 KB
Network Codes B3.1.2.03 Non-Ferrous Castings 1 B31203_Non_Ferrous_Castings.pdf33.28 KB
NZR Codes 60 Non-Ferrous Castings 5 code_60_5.pdf70.76 KB
Network Codes B3.1.7.01 NZR Lubrication Specifications 1 B31701_NZR_Lubrication_Specifications.pdf265.98 KB
Network Codes B3.2.7.01 Operation and Maintenance of Steam Driven Air Compressors 1 B32701_Steam_Driven_Air_Compressor_Manual.pdf88.06 KB
Network Codes B3.4.2.04 Piston Rods 1 B34204_Piston_Rods.pdf31.2 KB
NZR Codes 13 Piston rods 3 code_13_3.pdf78.21 KB
Network Codes B3.1.6.31 Post-derailment & Accident Damage Inspection Form 1 B31631_Post_Derailment_Accident_Inspection_Form.pdf42.58 KB
Network Codes B3.4.2.08 Power Reversing Gear 1 B34208_Power_Reversing_Gear.pdf26.26 KB
NZR Codes 70 Power reversing gear 2 code_70_2.pdf63.68 KB
NZR Codes Practical training and testing of manual arc welders 1 code_65_5.pdf120.41 KB
Network Codes B3.6.2.01 Pressure Gauges 1 B36201_Pressure_Gauges.pdf32.17 KB
NZR Codes 33 Pressure gauges 4 code_33_4.pdf90.77 KB
Network Codes B3.5.1.01 Recommended Electrical Code of Practice 1 B35101_Electrical_Code_of_Practice.pdf85.9 KB
NZR Codes 34 Safety valves 3 code_34_3.pdf64.39 KB
NZR Codes 40 Shopping of steam locomotives for repairs 4 code_40_4.pdf74.37 KB
Network Codes B3.4.2.06 Side and Connecting Rods 1 B34206_Side_Connecting_Rods.pdf32.43 KB
NZR Codes 54 Side and connecting rods 2 code_54_2.pdf107.04 KB
NZR Codes 47 Standard clearances 2 code_47_2.pdf71.22 KB
Network Codes B3.1.6.01 Steam Loco Inspection Form - Annual 2.1 B31601_Steam_Loco_Inspection_Form_Annual.pdf70.28 KB
Network Codes B3.1.6.02 Steam Locomotive Inspection Form - Interim 2 B31602_Steam_Loco_Inspection_Form_Interim.pdf44.89 KB
Network Codes B3.1.6.41 Vehicle Certification Form 1.1 B31641_Vehicle_Certification_Form.pdf10.09 KB
Network Codes B3.1.2.01 Weighing of Locomotives 1 B31201_Weighing_of_Locomotives.pdf29.17 KB
NZR Codes 36 Weighing of locomotives 3, 4 code_36_3.pdf67.33 KB, code_36_4.pdf57.61 KB
Network Codes B3.2.2.01 Westinghouse Brake Air-Reservoirs 1 B32201_Westinghouse_Brake_Air_Reservoirs.pdf26.63 KB
NZR Codes 28 Westinghouse Brake Air-Reservoirs 3 code_28_3.pdf75.87 KB
NZR Codes 55 Westinghouse Brake and Steam-Heating Hoses 3 code_55_3.pdf74.45 KB
NZR Codes 04 Wheel-centres 3 code_04_3.pdf77.83 KB
NZR Codes 15 Wheels and tires 3 code_15_3.pdf94.56 KB
Network Codes B3.4.2.02 Wheels, Wheel Centres and Tyres 1 B34202_Wheels_Wheel_Centres_Tyres.pdf102.63 KB
NZR Codes 15 Wheels, wheel centres and tyres 4 code_15_4.pdf184.46 KB